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This is a complex and captivating novel which captures the anxiety and heartache of a family trying to heal after years of burying secrets… To paraphrase a couple of integral messages in the book: The past doesn’t have power to determine the future and life is not what happens to you but what you make happen. One is able to finally find the light after much darkness with hope and strength of family ties..

This is an emotional and engrossing read. The mix of characters is outstanding, the plot was well written and the surprise at the end will make the reader say ‘wow’.

★★★★★ Amazon Review
While detailing the horror and heartache suffered by victims of domestic violence (especially within the confines of tradition and custom) Badani also told a tale of forgiveness and healing. It is unfathomable to think that anyone could be whole again after suffering so greatly under the pretense of familial duty.

This story, while an unexpected choice, was a great one that I readily recommend to anyone, regardless of the pain of one’s past or lack thereof. It is a cathartic story, a cautionary tale, and a powerful narrative on the human spirit.

★★★★★ Amazon Review

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